In Transition

A story about searching, finding, creating, changing, losing and disappearing, as it repeats itself constantly.

A self-printed and self-bound photo book.

Super Sucking City

The city needs resources. It attracts and dissipates. It creates and overruns. How to move on and whereto? The current developments lead to a global, interconnected urban landscape becoming the natural human environment. Currently, the term city is inevitably connected to the nature as its opposite pole. If this opposite pole is increasingly vanishing from the perception of the humans, the definition of nature and the position of mankind within has to be redeveloped.


A series of halftone screenprints of skatespots that I have encountered during the time when DIY concrete skatespots and concrete pool skating started to evolve in my area. The ground, the transitions, the interconnections, the environment - rough.

Bored to death

Boredom drives me. Boredom makes me sad. Boredom is beautiful. Which one? I'm searching.

Skateboard architecture

Architecture, urban development and skateboarding are linked together inseparably, creating a large possibility of conflict as well as new room for common ground and advancement. The handling of architecture by skateboarding is highlighted by an impartial approach and a broad acceptance of change and transience. This creates a new architecture, the skateboarding architecture, which exists parallel to the common one. Skateboard architecture is a constantly changing environment, which demands continuous adaption. Therefore resilience, which will be increasingly required by the mankind in the future, is a central characteristic in skateboarding.

Urban playgrounds

Places forgotten by the general public generate room and possibility for the development of something new. Those who discover these places create by experimentation, mutual interaction and by chance new cultures, which decay unrecognized or slowly creep into the perception of the big mass.